About Hisab

The idea started over 20 years ago as a modest venture in the area of information technology to develop low cost and easy to use solution for business accounting. It takes a lot of passion, determination and patience to transform ideas into effective solutions – and even more to turn those into products which contribute to our success.

β€œSuccess is Journey not a destination”

The journey has not been without its toil and obstacles. But we at Hisab regard every obstacle in our path as a challenge to our own capabilities and an experience in a perpetual learning process. As we move ahead, we are determined to capitalize on the new opportunities based on our strong fundamentals of innovation, entrepreneurship and aggressive marketing.

We aim to provide best quality products and services which will incorporate reliability and conform to customer requirements. It shall be our continuous endeavor to meet and exceed customer requirements and establish harmonious relations for overall growth of the organization.

We take this opportunity to thank our employees, who are the real source of our competency and our growing inspiration, and to all our customers, partners and well-wishers who have been with us all along and have provided us with their valuable advice and cooperation all these years.

Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to serving you in the future.

Our strength

When Hisab launched, it was one of the easy to use accounting solutions for small to medium trading business. We have never target to make an accounting software for all purpose use rather our main focus was small to medium state level business.

Simplicity is a competitive advantage. Making a simple product is difficult. Hisab keep the unnecessary out and leave only the necessary in. For this reason Hisab has a clean layout and easy to use for a common business man having no or very little knowledge on computer use.

We never say Hisab is best. But it’s true Hisab is sufficient. Hisab is very low cost, clean and simple. Our service is unmatched.

Our focus has led to a limited number of products that are top quality.

Our sister concern

Hisab Systems Pvt. Ltd. has two other wings. One is M/s INFOTECH (Sales Division) and the other is M/s INFOTECH (Training Division).

M/s INFOTECH is a S.S.I. Registered Organization at Panskura, Purba Medinipur. The Sales Division deals with Computer sales & servicing, repairing of motherboards, monitors, printers, ups, Laptops etc. M/s INFOTECH is an Authorised dealer of HP, Dell, Lenovo, Seagate, Epson, Canon etc. and deals with almost all reputed computer manufacturing companies.

Our Training Division deals with Hardware and Software Training and Placement. Our Training Division is affiliated by West Bengal State Council of Technical Education. We have a very good software and hardware training lab with CISCO routers broadband Internet and over an experience team of faculty.

Started in 1998 as DTP and Computer sales service unit

Started Software Development in 1999 on FoxPro for DOS

In the year 2000 we release our first DOS base accounting software Karanik 1.0

In the year 2001 we release windows version Hisab 1.0 and DoctorPlus 1.0

In the year 2002 we release pathological laboratory software Nirnoy 1.0

In the year 2004 we started our Hardware and Software based Training division

In the year 2007 we started web designing and launch our website

In the year 2010 we started server based software development

In the year 2015 we release our Server Based Accounting Software Hisab EBA

Now we are T2 Partner of HP, authorized training provider of WBSCTE and PBSSD

Now we have three separate wings Sales and Service Division, Training Division, Software Division